James dreams of a home

He was born nine years ago. Remembers little of his past life, does not remember his parents neither he remembers if at all he had brothers and sisters. That is life for James Taulo.

I want to be rich one day

I want to be rich one day

James only remembers his life as a street boy. He has spent all his time begging in the streets of Blantyre city in Malawi.

He is one of the numerous children who sleep under the bridge and frequent some drinking joints for alms.

“I have never slept under any roof. I sleep under the bridge,” he said.

Like any other child James could want to live in a proper house and have all the necessity he may wish to advance in life.

“I would want to go to school, but where can I get the food if I spend time in class,” she said.

He claims that he spends most of his time looking for food that was why he is not at school.

“I would want if I could go to school. I want to be a rich person in future,” he says.

However future of James looks gloomy at the moment.


2 responses to “James dreams of a home

  1. These are the results of poor Government policies, These children must be looked after, Government should construct homes for these needy people, Why is it difficult for our Government to do this? can’t the Government employ people who are in search for a job to take care of these children, like providing good orphanage homes with different and experienced workers to help them? People are living with their Malawi School Certificates of Education for nothing, untill their certificate get rotten, what is this? we are still way behind when it comes to development, this is because we fail to manage our Economic resources

  2. Aye, poor governance can contribute to such problems. But sometimes coalition of individuals when air their voices positively, has a great impact towards changes of Government habituals!

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